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Hot 97; Who’s next competition

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m extremely proud of being Dominican and I practically bleed TIPICO, its embedded in my everyday routine. But, just as fast as I can sing any Banda Real song, Brooklyn raised me, and if Biggie comes on, I’ll recite every word to any song.

I follow hip hop and rap so that my knowledge in the Television and Radio field is diverse. So, it was no surprise that when I was at the Send2Print offices recently and Radamiz came in and put a request to print his business cards, I was beyond excited because I’ve been following this kids music for quite sometime. You’ll be surprised just how important something as simple as a business card is.
In the marketing field, it resonates with your clients, and potential business ventures can bloom rapidly because they know you are serious about your business. It’s a simple way to emphasize your professionalism, and Radamiz knew to come to the best printers in town in representing himself. His cards, shown below were beautifully crafted and are 16pt silk laminated with spot UV on his logo.

You know when you get that feeling when you meet someone and can’t seem to quite understand why they aren’t famous yet? Exactly my thoughts, but enough about me. LOL Just kidding, this kid Radamiz’s lyricism is on a whole ‘nother level. If you’re a hip connoisseur, listen to his music and you’ll know why. He’s a young humble 20 year old from Brooklyn, studying at NYU by day, and provoking thoughts with his music by night. His flow is beyond that of a professional for lack of a better term, and you can feel just how much he loves his music through every word he spits. Its real raw Brooklyn hip hop resurrected that anyone can relate to.

I couldn’t have said it better than one of his fans:

“I’m always impressed with the lyrical depth you achieve in your songs while preserving that gritty, smooth, street style you’ve always had”

My appreciation for GOOD music runs deep through my veins and I could go on for days about how impacting his music is but you wont know until you listen. So do yourself a favor :


And remember if you want to represent yourself professionally come to the best printers in Brooklyn for your business cards!



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